No, I don't have a CS degree.

No, this is not JavaScript.

It's me. João Santos.

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What's your experience?

I have a lot of experience in many things in life. Oh you mean coding experience? Between working double shifts on an airport, fishing, reading, hanging out with cool dudes and watching The Stranger Things, I would say about 8 months.

Do you speak French?

Well, I have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and can manage my way through PHP and MySQL. Currently getting my hands dirty on Javascript. But French, un peu solement.

What's on your toolbox?

These are just some of the tools that I use frequently but I am stacking up some more to my toolset.

Show me what you got!

updated - 14/07/2018

Just released my very first project for a client . While I'm working on personal small projects to add them to my portfolio, you could consider visiting my other social platforms to see what I'm doing.